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So you are thinking about Solar Water Heating - Here are the quick facts …


What are the options for a family of four or more?

Full Solartherm Installation or Kwikot Retrofit - 200L

Full Solartherm Installation - 300L




What does it include?

200L System

300L System

200L Solartherm geyser or Conversion of 200L Kwikot Geyser
20 Evacuated Tube SunScan Solar System with electronic control

300L Solartherm Geyser
2 x Flat Plate SunScan Solar System with electronic control


What are the potential savings?

approximately R5000 this year escalating to R9700 in the next two years based on a 25% increase per year.






What Our Clients Say :


When I first started doing some research on solar heating, one of my main goal as engineer was to find a product with a high efficiency that would be able to provide maximum heat in the worst conditions which is when you need it most. All solar heaters will give you hot water in summer. It’s more important in winter however to be able to capture and store the relatively low levels of radiated energy available and thus save the maximum amount of power. The evacuated tube collectors from Sunscan, will do just that – collect even small amounts of heat without losing that to the atmosphere through poor insulation. My second motivation for choosing Sunscan, was the choice of geyser. Having had some very poor experience with a well known South African brand geyser, I discovered Duratherm geysers as used by Sunscan and knew that this would be the best combination with their evacuated tube solar collectors.

Choosing Sunscan was not an easy choice. They had not done any previous installations and thus mine would be the first in the Western Cape. Lawrence convinced me to take the plunge and I was not disappointed. Despite some hiccups with their first installation, these were quickly and efficiently attended to. Since the installation was completed on the 15th January, the power to my geyser element has been switched off and there has been no need to switch it back on save for one occasion on the 8th April when rain for the whole day reduced the amount of radiation to such a degree, that I was not sure if there would be enough hot water the next morning. Power saving has been of the order of 9 to 12 Kwhr per day. With the increased energy prices, my savings can only improve.

I highly recommend Sunscan technologies for both their products and their excellent service.

Kind regards,
Robin Broers

Installing a solar water system is as much about saving money as it is about trying to reduce our carbon footprint.Since installation and only because we have had 2 couples and 2 kids staying for the weekend have we had to use eskom power to top up our hot water. Previously we had 2x200L geysers supplying the two seperate sections of our house, now we are useing just one solar geyser to supply the whole house with hot water.Although we have only had our system for over a month our electricity saving is well over 50% (2x200L GEYSERS OFF) 
Now if that's not enough reason to change then what is.......
Trevor Sunshine

Ok the last few hot days have resulted in piping hot water but even with an overcast day weve managed to not switch electricity on since installation (3 weeks now) That's bathing the kids at 6 pm (3&6) my wife showers evenings + mornings while I only do mornings - ok maybe a quick one sometimes in the evening.

Await my first elect bill since installation

Roderick Carr

The system functions beyond expectations. Electricity consumption is down by 50%. Installation: professional, timeous and zero defect quality, a rarety in RSA. Sunscan, their installation partners and equipment is to be recommended.
Regards,  John Proffitt.

The low-pressure 15 tube / 150L solar water heater which you installed at our house in Stellenbosch at the end of January 2010 functions wonderfully. For our household of two, with occasional visitors, there is ample hot water. We would particularly like to thank you for ensuring a professional installation. In view of the rising electricity costs, which are in the pipeline, we are very glad to know that the hot water we are using now is not only environmentally clean but also comes at no cost. We shall gladly recommend your product to prospective solar energy users. Kind regards and best wishes for your enterprise,

Hans J Volkmann